Chinese food (of sorts)

If you noticed that my responses to comments was a little late and terse recently and wondered why, here’s the answer. I spent a couple of weeks traveling in China. The Family and I reached Shanghai late at night. By the time we checked into the hotel, there was only one dinner option which did not involve much walking. You may not think of a trio of sausages with sauerkraut as Chinese food, but I temporarily went by the principle that any food which you find in China is Chinese food.

Looking through the menu I found a beer on tap called Goose Island. I hadn’t tasted this before. It turned out to have an interesting bitter and sweet taste. A quick scamper through a tunnel in the great firewall showed that it is brewed in Chicago. Gulp! The Family, busy with a mushroom soup and garlic bread, asked “This is comfort food for you, isn’t it?” Strangely enough, it is.

It was late. We were tired and sleepy. But this was Shanghai. Even though the night temperature would have been unbearably cold in Mumbai, we took a stroll through the deserted streets of a city which we don’t mind going back to. A few people hurried by, hands deep in pockets. We stopped in front of a kiosk selling sour plum soup. “Maybe tomorrow”, The Family murmured. We walked back to the hotel. The next day was going to be long.

Author: I. J. Khanewala

I travel on work. When that gets too tiring then I relax by travelling for holidays. The holidays are pretty hectic, so I need to unwind by getting back home. But that means work.

27 thoughts on “Chinese food (of sorts)”

      1. It was interesting and so unsure how open it wanted to be. I was one of 100 foreigners in Guangzhou. Most of us were foreign experts in English, but there were a few business people, mostly overseas Chinese. I loved it.


  1. > ….I temporarily went by the principle that any food which you find in China is Chinese food.

    Interesting way to look at things. I guess every ethnic cuisine I can find in the New York and New Jersey area — Korean, Japanese, Cantonese, India, German, Thai, Italian, French, Filipino, Jamaican, Costa Rican, Mexican, Brazillian, Argentinian, Russian, Armenian, Israeli, Greek, Iranian, Egyptian, Syrian, Punjabi, Tibetan, etc. — could be considered American.


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