Around the world in two hundred days

I woke up dreaming of a trip around the world in container ships. How long would it take? It seems that container ships prefer to travel at speeds of 6 to 8 knots. At this speed they’ll cover about 300 kilometers in a day. If you travel around the equator in such a ship it might take you 110 to 150 days. Add in port calls (the featured photo is of Hamburg port), it might take you about 200 days. I’ve spent half that time sitting at home already. To think that I could easily have gone halfway around the world in this time!

By I. J. Khanewala

I travel on work. When that gets too tiring then I relax by travelling for holidays. The holidays are pretty hectic, so I need to unwind by getting back home. But that means work.


  1. I love the idea of slow travel. I’m not sure I’d like to take a container ship that far since there’s not much change day to day. However I love the idea of a slow around the world trip. By bicycle would be excellent and give the chance to see many things and meet many people. But there are bodies of water to cross – the Bering Strait and the Atlantic Ocean definitely come to mind but there are others for sure depending on the route. I’ve probably got another 20 years or so of good cycling fitness left in me so maybe someday…

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    1. I thought of traveling the world in a container ship instead of being locked down at home,

      Biking could be an interesting way to travel. I’ve also been reading about people who decided to walk really long distances.

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      1. Yes – definitely – I mean, if you’re going to spend all this time effectively in one room, why not stay in a room that moves?

        I have also done a bit of reading about people doing long walks. It’s fascinating and gives a really different picture of a place than faster modes of transport.

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