The turning of the wheel

The turning of the wheel of dharma: the Buddha's first sermon in Sarnath. Fresco in the Jing'an Su, Shanghai

The Jing’an temple is a large and beautiful temple in the middle of Shanghai, and is probably high on every tourist’s list of things to do. It turned out that this was almost the last thing we did during our stay in Shanghai. When we came back to Shanghai from our trip to Hangzhou, we… Continue reading The turning of the wheel

M50 art district

The crew at the dark room

M50 on Moganshan Lu in Shanghai is a collection of galleries, studios and spaces which house art and art projects. I was afraid I would never find it without google maps, but then I searched the web and someone on Tripadvisor had left precise and accurate instructions on how to reach this place. We arrived… Continue reading M50 art district


As soon as we met in the evening, The Family told me about yesterday’s quake in Nepal. She was on whatsapp with my cousin’s wife in the US, who was, in turn, worried about my aunt, her mother-in-law, who was spending some time with another cousin in Patna. In China our first source of news… Continue reading Connecting

Chinese fruit

We discovered a little known aspect of chinese food: the fruits are wonderful. Our lunch on the flight in to Shanghai contained a slice of really flavourful and sweet orange. Every day after that we brought some fruits. The bananas are not very special, but the oranges, apples and nectarines are superb. So are the… Continue reading Chinese fruit

Games are serious

Tourist guides tell you to visit Xintiandi in Shanghai. This Xintiandi is full of well-preserved and tastefully renovated Shikumen buildings repurposed into restaurants, coffee shops, up-market shops and bars. When you walk through this you see the beautiful people of Shanghai and foreigners. All very posh, but exactly like any other town center in Europe.… Continue reading Games are serious

High culture: the Shanghai museum

When we came out of the Shanghai Museum, we were happy that we didn’t skip it. The Shanghai that we had seen before was the modern China, the city of engineering marvels. This gave us a glimpse of the other China: the old civilization that developed across the Himalayas from us. The museum is located… Continue reading High culture: the Shanghai museum