Public art

Beijing is full of public art which have official sanction. Very often they are playful pieces like the one above: of children playing hide and seek. This one stands outside the Gouloudajie subway station in Beijing. We also saw a monumental water fountain in Xi’an near the hot springs, which is full of playful elements… Continue reading Public art

A long lunch

China is going through an anti-corruption drive. One of the ways it manifests itself is that the large official lunches are no longer paid for. Instead you pay for your own lunch; as one of my colleagues said, "no free lunch". This does not mean that the meal is substantially smaller. In the photos alongside… Continue reading A long lunch

A quirky sight

When you travel for pleasure it is usually because you want to see something different: different people, different sights. So it is for me. It is delightful when I see something which I have not seen before. On our first walk through Beijing we saw the wonderful sight of a line of kites flying together.… Continue reading A quirky sight