Narrow escapes

Yesterday was my second encounter with a cyclone. Fortunately cyclone Nisarga made landfall about 40 kilometers south of earlier predictions, and so missed us by about 80 kilometers. These are enormous disturbances in our atmosphere, so we got rain and high winds all day. But it was the kind of weather we see two or three times every monsoon, so it was not hard to weather. The incident brought back memories of another narrow escape: from typhoon Nangka when I was in Japan five years ago. That was a super typhoon which weakened into a minimal typhoon when it made landfall. The featured photo was taken at Shirasagi-jo, the White Heron Castle in Himeji, a few hours before the landfall. I’m not one to carp at these near misses.

First day of vacations? Feed fish

Schools and colleges close today for winter. Wondering what to do over the next few days? I have one idea from the large pool in Guagnzhou’s museum of Cantonese Opera. People do this everywhere in China. Go feed fish.

The result is really colourful.

Some day I must remember to carry a little bit of boiled rice with me when I go walking through parks in China. Apparently that’s a harmless thing to feed them. And it is easily found.