The fruits of monsoon

The fruits that we eat in the monsoon keep slipping out of my memory. A few days ago I paged through all the photos that I had taken in July for the last fifteen years, and kept coming on photos of peaches, plums, apricots, and cherries sitting on our table at home. In my mind they are fruits that I would buy in late spring and early summer in Europe. “Hmm,” I told The Family, “I suppose there’s no chance that our bhajiwala will have them.” Yes, he didn’t. But The Family is resourceful. She got someone to deliver them from Crawford market.

For a couple of days we had a delicious bunch of peaches and cherries. The peaches were not as good to look at as they were to eat, so I decided to go with an earlier photo. The cherries were superb looking. My phone camera loved them as much as I did. There was a whole range of colours, from the yellow, through a tomato red to the dark cherry red. But they were all sweet and flavourful.