A fun show

At one end of Wuhan’s Han Street entertainment area is the Han Show Theatre. Modeled after Chinese red lanterns, the architects Steven Chilton and Marc Fisher (who was the director of the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics) created a theatre that made it difficult not to have my jaw drop. What looks at first sight like a grandiose stage swings away to create a deep swimming pool. The front seats draw back from the pool area. Behind the immense stage three screens descend to form a backdrop on which videos play.

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I got to see the Han Show, crafted by the Belgian theatre director Franco Dragone. While watching the spectacular acrobatics and aquatics show I thought to myself that this was the Cirque du Soleil on a really grand Chinese scale. I was happy to find later that I was not mistaken; Dragone was one of the creators of the Cirque du Soleil. Given a 2.5 billion RMB investment from the Wanda group, the architects and directors created a ninety minute show that leaves you with a great big smile on your face.

At a late point in the show I realized that I did not have to take stills. So here is a video of a part of the show that was fun. Not as impressive as the forty meter high dive (one of the photos in the slide show above), but great fun.

Circus? Seriously?

We take a break from Guangzhou to take a quick look at Mumbai as the heat of October gives way to the pleasant weather of December. An evening’s entertainment happened to be a show by the Canadian circus-theater called Cirque du Soleil. The Family dragged me to this show while I shook my head and muttered “Circus!”

Once inside the grand chapiteau I quite enjoyed the music and spectacle, and took many photos with my phone. For a while there was little difference between me and that kid you see next to the stage in the featured photo. It was only much later that I was surprised by the quality of photos from my dinky little phone.