Healthy dinners

With the festival season over, we went off to the newly reopened farmers’ market yesterday. So many fresh veggies! Memories of our healthy dinners from the lockdown months flooded back. I bought karela, beetroot, bhindi, guava, small potato, fresh spinach and kale. Roasted vegetables for dinner! Shouldn’t forget to get some amchur from the farmers for the seasoning. And of course I have that Himalayan salt I picked up from Nainital last week.

It is hard to recall the strict diet and portion control forced on us by the breakdown of the supply chain during the lockdown. A stall at the corner of the market had ragi papad, and our favourite baker had fresh multigrain bread. And there was a wonderful Nashik Chardonnay in the fridge, and a part of a bottle of Spanish Tempranillo which had to be finished. Dinner was an indulgence rather than a healthy minimal meal. It was all rounded off with mixed fruit cookies sourced from the farmers’ market. It wasn’t even vegan: I roasted the potatoes in ghee, and did not skimp on the butter on the multigrain bread. But it was really cold outside, in the Icelandic murder mystery we watched afterwards.