Chinese tees

I love the meaningless phrases that the Chinese put on their tees. That red tee (hong cha, to mistranslate a pun) in the featured photo was a word salad: full of the taste of English without too many of the calories.

When I took a photo of this jacket in a shop’s display the salesgirl was very annoyed with me. Photos of jackets? Seriously?

This shop window was visible from inside a metro station. Truly, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.

And you too. Thanks for all the fish, by the way.



The Family first drew my attention to the elaborate headgear which young girls in China wore. One very common thing was a ring of pink synthetic roses worn like a crown. The other was this elaborate hat which we occassionally saw. In Xi’an I managed to photograph the young girl, whose photo you see above, wearing this beautiful hat. Eventually, when we visited the Summer Palace in Beijing we saw the Peking Opera and its costumes, and realized that this lovely hat comes from there. Another mystery unravelled.