Some quick lunches

It is almost a given now that Mumbai will have a long lock down. Fortunately for most people, the virus has not spread through the country. There are a few hot spots though, and Mumbai seems to be one of them. I’ve had a long-range plan brewing for a while. Eat a nutrient-rich low calorie… Continue reading Some quick lunches

Getting started on getting ready for Portugal

The easy part is over: we have tickets and hotel bookings for Portugal. The next step is harder: getting to know the little bit about a new country which makes your stay more interesting. There are many different directions to explore. The sounds of a country are often hard to anticipate. I’d heard very little… Continue reading Getting started on getting ready for Portugal

A long lunch

China is going through an anti-corruption drive. One of the ways it manifests itself is that the large official lunches are no longer paid for. Instead you pay for your own lunch; as one of my colleagues said, "no free lunch". This does not mean that the meal is substantially smaller. In the photos alongside… Continue reading A long lunch