Jade market

On previous trips to China we found that the semi-precious jade (玉 yù) has immense cultural value. A guide once deposited us at the doors of a tourist-trap and told us in parting, “Unless you learn about jade you may buy coarse work.” Petrified at the thought, we made a hasty departure. But the jade… Continue reading Jade market

The monk and his treasures

Even now, when I think back to our visit to the Hualin temple in Guangzhou, I remember the hall of the 500 arhats. It is only when I look my photos that I recall the many other beautiful objects that I saw. It is amazing to think that almost every beautiful object was recreated a… Continue reading The monk and his treasures

The Door to China

I stood at the intersection between the Shang Xia Jiu pedestrian street and the Kangwang South Road in Guangzhou without knowing that I was at the place which is traditionally accepted as the point where the monk Bodhidharma first stepped on Chinese soil. This was the door through which Buddhism entered China. I wouldn’t have… Continue reading The Door to China