Large grey babblers

From inside a hide outside Hampi I saw a group of these large grey babblers (Argya malcolmi), noisy as babblers always are. I’m pretty much a beginner at identifying birds, otherwise the yellow eyes, large size, or the pale colour of the tail, even a single one of these characteristics would have told me what I was looking at. I suppose that more experienced birders could also have listened to their call, supposedly more nasal than the other five babblers commonly seen in India, and identified them with their eyes closed. But it is precisely because I’m not very good at identifying birds that I find photography useful. I can come back home, and, when I have the time, I can go over the photos in detail to figure out what to look for the next time I see it.

Interestingly, although its range is restricted to India, its nearest relative, the ashy headed laughing thrush has been reported only from the southern part of Sri Lanka. I wonder how this differentiation happened.