Folk Art Street Art

Every so often a wonderful sight slips through the net of this blog. One of the truly exciting things that technology has given us is a lightweight and high resolution camera that we carry in our pockets all the time. If there was something interesting that you took photos of, the chances are they will last longer. And if it lasts longer, there’s a better chance that you will eventually write about it. The great street art that I saw half a year ago in Patna is one of these things.

The glowing street art was visible as soon as one exited the airport, and continued throughout the city. Much of the area around the airport is occupied by government offices, so clearly the state government was involved in this effort to beautify the city. I recognized the Darbhanga district’s folk art style near the airport (most of the photos in the gallery above), but the more well-known style from Madhubani district also appeared in other places. I thought this was a good way to showcase the artistic heritage of the state.

Folk art remains dynamic, as you can see from the adoption of the modern style of wildlife photography in the mural above. A more subtle adaptation was in the clothes worn by the woman riding a croocodile in one of the photos included in the above gallery. The two-horned African rhino and giraffes also appeared in some of the panels; these are also modern adoptions.

In one spot I saw a trotally non-traditional style. The city has an art school. I wonder whether this work was commissioned from someone associated with the school. It was too elaborate to be guerrilla art. I wish I had had the time to take photos across the city. Perhaps, if I go back, this will give me something interesting to do.