The past is a foreign country

The famous opening phrase of L.P. Hartley’s novel, The Go-Between, came to mind when my photos app reminded me of where I was a year ago: Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The phrase was apparently first used by Hartley’s friend, David Cecil, in a lecture in 1949. We all plagiarize our past, and I… Continue reading The past is a foreign country

Thick-knees and Geese

We’d left the lodge when it was still dark, and now we’d spent about three hours on the drive. I was beginning to feel hungry. There was some trail mix and some fruits to keep us going for a while, so I didn’t mind when we stopped at a little pool of water to look… Continue reading Thick-knees and Geese

Another Safari Lodge

When we walked into our room in the lodge at Maasai Mara, I was simultaneously enchanted and mildly disappointed. Enchanted, because of the balcony which looked over a seemingly endless plain, with the Mara river faintly visible in the distance, and mildly disappointed at the size of the room, compared to the “tent” we had… Continue reading Another Safari Lodge

The Mara Triangle

We were to spend a couple of days inside the Mara triangle. This is a part of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve which lies across the Mara river. Our reasoning was that living close to Mara would give us a better chance of seeing wildebeest crossing the river. This western end of the reserve, between… Continue reading The Mara Triangle