In the jungle

Millimeters high jungles sprout in a tub where The Family had scattered a pinch of methi seeds. The monsoon is good for microgreens. These methi leaves (Trigonella foenum-graecum, fenugreek) will add flavour to our salad. And I can see evidence of animals in this jungle. We’ll have to harvest the leaves before these tiny herbivores eat up our salad.

Black and Tan Fantasy

I love listening to Duke Ellington’s big band piece Black and Tan Fantasy. Many distinctive instruments, growls from the trumpet, some dissonance, a clear beat, and then a resolution. What’s not to like? Several other people have tried their hands at it too and it works for most of them. The Family had boiled a mix of beans for me. I looked at it: mung, two types of chana, rajma. What could I do with that? We were out of basil leaves, and coriander would be too light a taste. I plucked a few methi leaves from the plant on our balcony. Something crunchy? A tablespoon or two of roasted peanuts would be good. Time to bring out that goat milk feta which has been soaking in brine for weeks. It’ll bring the salt with it. One more thing, maybe? Sprinkle some black olives on top. My bowl of black and tan fantasy was ready. Add the olive oil, if you want.