Covering old ground

I stood in front of the National Museum of the American Indian. There was a busy little street market in progress behind Bowling Green. A line of very young school children came out of the museum. It took me a while to sift through the history of this building and appreciate the beautiful irony in… Continue reading Covering old ground

Hood’s Radiator

I told myself that if this inspired Georgia O’Keefe, it should be interesting, as I made my way to see the American Radiator Building near Bryant Park. The black building with gold trimming is unmistakable. The overcast day was warm and humid, and I didn’t feel like crossing the park. I took time out to… Continue reading Hood’s Radiator

Just another little door in the wall

Walking down 57th Street in New York, this door caught my eye. After taking a photo I looked around a little bit to check what this door was attached to. Nothing particularly worth noting, as far as I could see; the door was the most distinguished thing about the building.

15th Century In New York

I stood on the corner of 7th Avenue and 58th Street and gawked at dragons. Were they really dragons spewing fire? They were a little too awkward for that (featured photo). And what was that crown doing on top of their heads? Eventually I remembered where I’d seen this before. It was the salamander, the… Continue reading 15th Century In New York

The longest road

My youngest niece asked me, "Which is the longest road in New York?" Having crossed paths with it from Bowling Green to Columbus Circle, I knew the answer. It starts from the little park where, the story goes, the island of Manhattan was purchased from native Americans by the Dutch. I don’t know whether the… Continue reading The longest road

A Sign of the Times Square

I could have guessed: the entrance to this station was as lit up as the doors to one of the shows on Broadway around it. I’d dodged photo ops with Batman and Captain America before ducking into this shelter. I should have known that this cave would not be just another little hole in the… Continue reading A Sign of the Times Square