Ye Shanghai


On my last day in China I flew in to Shanghai early in the morning. Twelve hours in Shanghai is a nice way to say goodbye to Zhong Guo. The air grew murky as the plane began its descent. On the short flight from Wuhan to Shanghai I chose to keep my camera with me in a window seat. I was not disappointed, although the flight path came from the west to land in Hongqiao, at the western end of the city. We flew over miles of residential blocks: suburban houses, sports complexes and high-rise apartment blocks (below). Finally, just before landing I had a fabulous view of a Blade Runner version of Shanghai: all morning smog and looming buildings (above).

DSC04220 DSC04192

On the ground the air seemed as clear as it ever gets in a big city. There was a lovely cool breeze as I drove in to Pudong. The sun was bright. It was a lovely Saturday: just right for a lunch in the French Concession with friends. Shanghai is a lovely city, with an open heart. I landed in Shanghai for the first time six months ago, knowing nothing. It took me and The Family a day to fall in love with the city.

If you are wondering what the blog title is about, it is the name of a famous song by Zhou Xian (who could justifiably be called the Geeta Dutt of China). The title means “An evening in Shanghai”.